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La House is a creative Makerspace rooted in art therapy and social justice.


We are a collective of creators, healers, and cultural workers – dedicated to holding safe spaces* for people to reclaim their creativity as an innate gift.



We believe that people are born creative. Yet, the many ways in which people experience systemic oppression makes us forget. People’s lived experiences with racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, ableism, etc. results in creative trauma. La House exists to support us in returning home to ourselves.


At La House, we hold safe space for people to reclaim their creative gifts. Together we learn how to use creativity as a tool for healing, growth, and transformation. We believe in the power of having access to artistic space, material, and tools to foster creative agency and strengthen our creative community.


* We want to define safety as more than just a buzzword. We realize that the safety of a space is decided by those who inhabit it, and that we will never be able to prescribe a space as safe from harm in every way in every moment. 


That being said, our working definition of safety is…. 

  • Creating a felt sense of accountability through community-building

  • Setting expectations for what is appropriate behavior in the Space

  • Responding to harm with practices of transformative justice

  • Meeting people where they are at creatively

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