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Rainbow Alianza 1st meeting post (Instagram Post (Portrait)).png

a creative catalyst

La House is home to a collective of creatives, healers, and cultural workers dedicated to holding safe spaces for people to reclaim their creativity as an innate gift.

We endeavor to help individuals and communities to tap into their creative spark as a path toward healing, transformation, and growth.

our makerspace

As a collaboration with Phoenix Charter Academy Lawrence, we operate a Makerspace that is a creative, collaborative, inquiry-based educational space with access to emerging mediums, technologies, and machinery. The Makerspace, rooted in principles of art therapy, is a space where the community can gather to create, explore, invent, tinker, and discover using a variety of tools and materials. The Makerspace exists to foster the creativity of our community and to provide a space for healing, transformation, and growth through creativity. 

Rainbow Alianza 1st meeting post (Instagram Post (Portrait)).png

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