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a growth spurt


La House continues to deepen its support of our community partners in Lawrence and beyond, housing Rainbow Alianza and directly supporting their mission to create events and safe spaces that nurture and strengthen the QT/TLGBQ+ community in Lawrence. We’re proud to say that this was the biggest year for Rainbow Alianza since its' inception.

At the Makerspace, we open up new avenues for exploration and self-expression by offering a new Focus Group for our students, led by our very own Y-Bình Nguyen: Ceramics! Our students loved getting to work with this medium alongside the other offerings at the Space. We close out the Spring semester with a photovoice collaboration with Elevated Thought — a meditation on “healing, transformation, and growth”, with students artistically intervening and transforming portraits of themselves.

Over the summer, construction begins on an expansion of the Makerspace — giving us more square footage to tuft, paint, and sew, more storage space, as well as a new Sound Studio. This comes as an answer to much student advocacy, and was, of course, an immediate hit with students.

Fabrication Friday begins as a monthly pilot program to test out something that had always been part of the original vision of the Makerspace — opening the Space up to the Lawrence community at-large. We are blown away by the community’s response, affirming our belief in accessible spaces for creativity.

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